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Atmospheric Alert System for the Central Mediterranean and the Maltese Islands

Extreme weather events have adverse impacts to humans and to a large number of social and economic activities. At sea, extreme meteorological conditions trigger harsh sea conditions that are dangerous for navigation both to crew and cargoes. The Mediterranean is an area notorious for severe weather events, mainly due to the formation of Mediterranean storms in autumn and winter, and for the occurrence of high surface temperatures (heat waves) during summer. The prediction of adverse weather events in advance and the dissemination of warnings to the relevant authorities, mariners, end-users and to the public is an important service, but also a demanding task.

This online interface has been developed in collaboration with partners of the RISKMED Weather Risk Reduction for the Mediterannean project. It is mainly dedicated to furnish early warnings at sea and allows remote users to view predicted alerts of extreme weather and sea conditions within the Central Mediterranean region. The alerts are issued on the basis of high resolution meteorological forecast fields prepared by the MARIA/Eta Atmospheric Model and the wave WAM model developed and run operationally at the Physical Oceanography Unit (PO-Unit) of the IOI-Malta Operational Centre (IOI-MOC) at the University of Malta. For the part of Malta, this project was coordinated by Dr Aldo Drago, Director of the same research institute.

The alerts are presented for nine sub-areas in the Central Mediterranean region as shown in the figure.

u1. uMalta Inland   

u2.u Maltese Waters  

u3. uWestern Malta Approaches

u4. uMalta Channel

u5. uEastern Malta Approaches

u6. uSouthern Malta Approaches

u7. uMedina

u8. uCentral Mediterranean Basin

u9. uStrait of Sicily

The Atmospheric Early Warning System interface can be accessed by clicking on the RISK MAP link on the left side menu. Similar interfaces developed by other RISKMED partners can be obtained through the links in the menu on the left side of this page.

The PO-Unit is the local entity engaged in research covering coastal meteorology, hydrography and physical oceanography with a main emphasis on the study of the hydrodynamics of the sea in the vicinity of the Maltese Islands. The PO-Unit promotes activities in operational oceanography by the installation and maintenance of permanent meteo-marine monitoring systems, and the provision of atmospheric and marine forecasts which can be accessed from the CapeMalta website (www.capemalta.net). A meteo-monitoring station on the breakwater of Marsaxlokk provides meteorological observations in real time, while the Malta MedGLOSS station in PortoMaso provides updates on sea level and temperature. The PO-Unit also specialises in data management and analysis, and participates in international marine research cooperative ventures.


Disclaimer: IOI-MOC and the PO Unit is not officially responsible to issue warnings and this free service is conducted on a best effort basis. We give no warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, utility or completeness of this information. Alerts are issued by an online automated system on the basis of forecasts generated by numerical models. Alerts should only be considered as indicative of meteo-marine events; interpretation and analysis is left completely in the hands of the user. The user of this system assumes all responsibility and risk for the use of any information and data from this service.
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